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At Blue Dental Studio, we love helping you smile with confidence. Our office specializes in cosmetic dental procedures that will enhance the appearance and health of your smile.

We offer an array of cosmetic procedures to meet your dental needs and goals.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are durable, porcelain laminates bonded to your tooth with minimal tooth preparation, that most of the time requires no anesthetic prior to the procedure.

Some indications for porcelain veneers include:

  • Cosmetic correction of smile, including shape and size of teeth
  • Internal discoloration of teeth
  • Discrepancy of tooth size and shape
  • Crooked and crowded teeth
  • Unwanted spacing

What does a veneer treatment involve?

Porcelain veneers typically are completed in two visits. There is little or no anesthesia required and minimal reshaping of tooth surface to allow for the thickness of the veneer.

An impression or mold is taken and then you and Dr. Garcia Pino can decide on the desired shade or color.  The veneers are then placed at the second visit following a thorough

cleansing and preparation of the tooth surface prior to bonding the veneer with a special light that will permanently adhere the veneer to your tooth.  Regular visits

with your hygienist and proper home care instructions such as brushing and flossing techniques will be reinforced at every visit to aid in the longevity and health of your new smile.

Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain crown is a tooth colored cap that encases the tooth to improve function or esthetics. A porcelain crown replaces the exterior surface of the tooth, to re-establish its original function and natural appearance. Porcelain crowns are the treatment of choice in situations where there has been severe destruction of the natural tooth structure either as a result of decay or trauma.

Indications for porcelain crown include:

  • Severe destruction of natural tooth structure by decay or trauma
  • Loss of natural tooth structure after root canal therapy
  • Excessive crowding of teeth
  • Loss of tooth structure as a result of grinding or clenching of teeth
  • Breakdown of excessively large filling with little supporting natural tooth structure

What does a dental crown involve?

In order to achieve maximum function and esthetics a porcelain crown is a two-visit procedure.  At the first visit under minimal, painless anesthesia the tooth is properly contoured for the crown to fit on the same plane as the surrounding teeth, for the most natural result. An impression or mold is taken in order to create your custom crown.  It takes about 10 days for fabrication of the permanent crown to be completed, during that time a fixed temporary crown is placed for esthetics and proper tissue healing.  At the second visit, the temporary crown is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleansed and prepared to receive your new crown.  The crown is then carefully placed, after ensuring that the fit is accurate and optimum esthetics have been achieved.  Home care instructions will be given, along with emphasis on regular dental visits to aid in the longevity and health of your new smile.

Porcelain Fixed Bridge

A Porcelain Bridge is a fixed appliance useful when replacing a tooth or a couple of teeth that are no longer viable.  The porcelain is sculpted to replicate the look of natural tooth enamel and the strength replaces any loss of function as a result of missing tooth structure.

Indications for porcelain bridge include:

  • Replacement of one or several missing teeth
  • Re-establish facial contours after extreme tooth loss
  • Prevent missing teeth from drifting
  • Upgrade your current removable partial denture with a fixed, permanent dental appliance

What does a fixed bridge involve?

Having a fixed bridge made usually involves 2-3 dental appointments.  At the first visit the surrounding or anchoring teeth that will help retain this bridge are properly contoured to ensure they will fit on the same plane as the surrounding teeth in order to achieve maximum function and esthetics.  A mold or highly accurate impression is taken and sent to the dental laboratory where the permanent bridge will be fabricated.

During that time, a functional and esthetic temporary bridge is placed and will be worn for several weeks until your next appointment.  At your next visit, the temporary is removed, and the permanent bridge is carefully placed.  A thorough inspection and verification of esthetics and fit is completed prior to permanent placement of the bridge.  At the completion of this appointment, new oral home care instructions along with emphasis on regular dental visits will ensure the longevity and health of your new smile.

Please note that depending on the condition of the surrounding or retentive teeth, or the length of the bridge, this treatment may sometimes require a third appointment.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings are strong durable and esthetic filling material that imitate the natural enamel of your tooth providing optimum esthetic results.  These fillings are made from a metal free, composite resin material that look and feel just like your natural teeth.

Indications for tooth colored filling include:

  • A cavity on a tooth
  • Recurrent cavity under a pre-existing filling
  • Replacement of metal amalgam fillings
  • Improvement of esthetics on chipped teeth

What does a tooth colored filling involve?
Usually a one visit procedure, where the tooth is contoured properly removing any cavity present or undermined tooth structure.  After careful preparation of the tooth with special material, the filling is placed and permanently secured by activating a special light for 20 seconds.  The filling is then polished to ensure it fits, feels and looks just like your natural teeth.  Careful home care instructions are given along with emphasis on regular dental visits in order to aid in the longevity and health of your new smile.

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